Krovas - The Cold isn't the only thing to worry about.

Alley fight!

As Greylix the dwarf and three different groups of thugs step out of the darkness, it is clear that the odds are stacked against this bunch of riff- er, heroes. Horst and Kordan are stuck in the net. Hadrian has passed out, perhaps from the excitement, or his extreme inebriation. Only Laura is stone-cold sober.

Greylix tells us to throw down our weapons and come peaceably to talk to “his employer”. Laura considers but is unwilling to throw down his (her?) weapon under any circumstances so finally Laura and Harry opt to attack Greylix, while Horst and Kordan begin to cut themselves out of the net.

Thus begins the combat. Kordan frees himself from the net and then frees Horst. They make short work of the thugs, but are attacked by a fire-sheathed mage who attacks from the shadows. Meanwhile, Laura is overpowered by thugs while Greylix concentrates on beating Harry. Greylix finally starts dragging Harry away.

Kordan and Horst finally manage to slay the mage with a daring charge, after Kordan barely withstands a withering flame assault. Laura fires her crossbow at the retreating Greylix who carries Harry away, and then starts a hot pursuit of him, ignoring all else. Eventually, the wounded dwarf, greatly fearing the revengeful Roadwarden, drops Harry and runs away like the coward he is.

Licking their wounds, the heroes retrieve some trinkets from the mage and stumble back to Harry’s flat over a little jeweler’s shop. They have no idea who Greylix’s employer was. The only thing that they know is that the thugs and Greylix shared a penchant for odd, half-hidden tattoos that none of the heroes recognized. For now, they rest and are fairly certain of trying to hire on with the clothing merchants at Noon, if they are well rested, healed and presentable enough.



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