Krovas - The Cold isn't the only thing to worry about.

A Little Drinking Game...

(This adventure was Monday, 10/11/10)

A roughneck group of adventurers has been laying low in Korvas, looking for work and scheming for the next big score. These lowlifes, er, heroes, have taken up in a place called Shamley’s Hammer.

Always on the lookout for strangers, action, or an easy score, the heroes spot a new Dwarf in town. After striking up a conversation with him, he challenges four of them to a drinking game—of the party:

The Dwarven pitfighter Kordan Bad-Axe
Hadrian the Smuggler
Harry Canyon, forger extraordinaire
Horst Ratzinger, Acolyte of Sigmar

Meanwhile, the strangely alluring but gravel-voiced Laura the Roadwarden is circulating with some other new strangers she has spotted — clothing merchants just arrived from a caravan. Hearing that they are looking to hire some protection for a journey into the nearby countryside to deliver their goods, Laura offers to meet them at Noon in the town square tomorrow to hire on as caravan guards.

Meanwhile, the drinking game is not going as planned. Greylix the Dwarf, covered with tattoos and giving us the story of a possible troll-slayer, challenges his companions to drink after drink. All of us, including Laura, watching from afar, try to bribe the barmaids to help knock the guy out — with no success. Gunther runs too strict a shop.

Finally, the challengers are all quite drunk. Flaming drinks, girlie drinks, tequila, grain alcohol, Greylix has downed it all, pays his wager, but Laura observes that he walks away more or less sober, as Laura can see. Apparently, the whole thing has been a hoax.

Stumbling back to our rooms, supporting the inebriated Hadrian and Horst, we come upon an unusual cart accident. This leads to a discussion of how to hoax the cloth merchants in order to get the best price for our services on the morrow.

Just as we are having this discussion, a net comes down, catching Horst & Kordan – and Greylix appears with thugs — having debilitated most of us with strong drink, he has us at a severe disadvantage; his goals are unclear but they can’t be good!



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