Overheard in Temple of Sigmar

  • All of the unfortunate souls who perished in the fires had their bodies cremated.
  • Captain Roland head of the Guard is still missing in the Warrens.
  • One of the gaurds who was treated for burns had bite marks on them.
  • Pyotr Rostislav is planning an expedition to a settlement to the north and is looking for volunteers False
  • Whispered rumors have been flying around about some sort of cult activites. Once of the Lectors of Sigmar might be headed this way at the head of a group of Flagellants

Overheard on the Marketplatz

  • The militia is forming up and citizens are being called up for service. Haven’t you seen the fliers? Where have you been these last couple of weeks in a well?
  • The fires in the Warrens, burnt many different colors. True
  • A regiments of Winged Lancers are being dispatched to Krovas False
  • The Krowa farmers to the north of the city have been reporting wolves attacking the herds
  • The Raspotisa will be very long this winter Proving to be True
  • I hear that there is a Rill shipment due into town soon. The mines near the Dark Stone Quarry have finally paid off. Flase
  • The foundry near the edge of town has been a busy hive of activity for the past several weeks. There has been a constant presence of town watch there even. No one has been able to get close lately to take a look. The engineers there haven’t even been out and about the town in at least two weeks.

Overheard in Fitzlov’s Fineries

  • Several of the buildings that went up were were stocked to the gills with grain, and this winter is already looking to be a lean one. True
  • It was odd how the fires stayed contained to the areas it did. True
  • There is a run on many different herbs in the city. Harry do you know where we could find some Algam Root and Brackel Leaf?
  • Hadrian have you heard anything about any cloth shipments recently? Seems that the haberdashers in the Marketplatz haven’t had anything new in months. And with the Raspotisa closing in there won’t be anything new until spring.

Overheard in Shamley’s Hammer

  • It seems that worgs have been sighted near the Everson’s Farm to the north west of the city.
  • The Wardens found an wrecked cart on the road to Schonsze. It had the markings for the Red Grypon Trading Company. Wonder what happened to those merchants. One of their horse tenders was found nearby. The merchant that found him swore that he was pierced with grobbi arrows. Somewhat false but somewhat true
  • We’re out of mead, damn it. What I wouldn’t give for a bit of Grunnisons Bitters right about now. I know many a chap who would pay handsomely for that.


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