Wizards Ring - Reckless Rage

The ring from the Bright Wizard


This rough cut ring is set in a simple setting, though it feels warm to the touch. But the question is do you wear it or pawn it?

Harry Canyon took the ring to Jarvis, a man who knows stuff, and for a few silver told him the ring was ‘special’. How special? Well, he’ll need the fresh horn of a beastman so he can extract the marrow as part of a ‘concoction’ to gain more insight into what the ring is.

NEW – 4/20/2011
The ring has the property of allowing the wearer to immediately move to the most reckless state possible. Additionally, when acting, the wearer can reroll a reckless die at the expense of 1 point of fatigue (only to be used when a physical skill is being tested – i.e. strength, toughness, or agility).


Wizards Ring - Reckless Rage

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