Charm Bracelet


A braclet of charms, there are a dozen symbols and characters dangling off of this object. You don’t recognize any of them.

Harry took the charm bracelet to Jarvis, a most curious store owner, who, for a few silver, informed him the bracelet is of Al-say-shun (pronounciation, no idea how to spell) make. The bracelet has many charms on it and a few of them are keys to something (chest, box, door, portal, lamborghini).

First, we need to find out what it actually is supposed to open.
Second, we need to figure out which charms are keys.
Third, we need the correct order of usage.

Perhaps the GM can provide a full list of charms available and an outlet where can learn more about these gypsies.

Is Greylax also Al-say-shun? Are the tattoos Al-say-shun?


Charm Bracelet

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