Dwarven Pit Fighter


Dwarf Pit Fighter

Str – 4
Tou – 4
Ag – 2
Int – 2
Will – 3
Fel – 2

Comfortable wealth
2 skills (still to be chosen)
2 talents (still to be chosen)
2 actions (still to be chosen)

Throwing Axe
Mail Shirt
Round Sheild
Camping tools


The life of a pit fighter is short, brutish, violent and hard – all good descriptions of Thrak.

There are few conflicts that violence can’t be applied to – and Thrak does everything he can to be consistent. Due mostly to the fact that he expects the same response from others, Thrak is honest and forthright with everyone. Subterfuge leads to violence so you might as well save some time and avoid the trickery all together.

Thrak is fiercely loyal to those working with him. He knows that he has outlived his fair allotment of time in this life, which leads him to a selflessness in protecting those who have not had a fair chance. This altruism is less honorable than simply out of a duty to fairness.

Crossed in scars, his body is purely functional. He’s twisted and powerful like the roots of tree with none of the elegance of the noble species. He’s a brutalized ironwood or cedar clinging tightly to a cliff face, ripped at by winds and storms for decades. His face is clear and open. No one has ever died at his hands (and many have) that did not deserve it.


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