Most Excellent Cemetery Attendant & Appraiser of Post Mortem Goods


Str 4
Tough 4
Ag 4
Int 2
Will 3
Fel 2

Trained skills: Reslience, Stealth, Discipline, Guile

Restist Fatigue

Special abilities: Adapatable, Favored by Fate

Equipment: Sword, dagger, crossbow, chain shirt

Wounds: 13

(I think I am short an action card, I will sort it out tomorrow.. I believe I had Fencer’s Strike or somesuch).


Deuce Mondrian is a simple man who is so dedicated to the important tasks of making sure that nothing is ever wasted! No valuables should ever be wasted especially, left to rot far under the ground, kept away from the bright sun, no never. Deuce was raised by his parents to go and find such shiny things in likely spots, and make sure that they were taken from the deep dark and exposed to the bright sun! Since not everyone understands how noble this is, how important this is, Deuce and his family moved around a lot. Now he’s in Krovas looking for work, or contemplating raising some money for passage south where the ground is softer…