Harry Canyon

Unkempt and disheveled craft store owner whose intellect and skill set don't really match his appearance.


Str. 3
Tgh. 3
Agi. 4 x
Int. 4
Wpr. 3 x
Fws. 3

Wounds 14

Current Career: Investigator

Rank: 2

Skills: Ballistic Skill (trained X1), Coordination (trained X1), Guile (trained X1), Intuition (trained X1), Observation (trained X1), Skullduggery (trained X1)

Skill Specializations: Minute Details (Obs), Keen Vision (Obs), Deception (Guile), Detect Lies (Int)

Reputations: Resourceful (exhaust to add 1 yellow to an intelligence check), Better Lucky Than Good (When using a fortune dice to a skill check you do not have training in, add 2w instead of 1w)
Focus: Quick Wits (exhaust to remove 2 recharging tokens from one recharging card)

Actions: Acrobatic Strike (melee attack based on Agility), Chink in the armor (Ranged attack based on Intelligence), Improved Dodge (Adds 1 purple to an attack/spell targeting me), Find Weakness (used to gain bonus dice/reduce soak on a target), Fake Out (present misleading information to influence a target), Threading the Needle (ranged attack when an ally is engaged with target)

Fortune Dice trained: Agility, Willpower

Bank Balance: 5 Gold, 70 Silver

Weapons: Longbow DR:5/CR:3 (+1 pierce, +1 purple at extreme range), Long Sword DR:5/CR:3, Main Gauche DR:4/CR4 (Fast: ,Defensive: add 1 black when I parry)

Armor: Leather armor Def:0/Soak:2

Equipment: Arrows 12 (X2), Traveling clothes (X2), Formal Wear, Militia Garb, Leather Sack, Torches, Tinder Box, ‘work’ kit – scrolls, quills, inks, paints, coin dies, various ingots, magnifying glass, heraldry seals, Investigator Kit,

special equipment: Lev’s Lantern (Ingore up two 2 black when light affects a check), Lev’s Backpack (up to 3 fortune dice per session for survival checks or to have a common item not in anyone’s inventory), Morden’s Belt and Frog (Any attempt to remove my gear adds 1p, 2p willpower check to disengage from minions of chaos, Free maneuver to change weapons during combat), Explosives, 1 flask of volatile oil, Sturdy Rope Ladder

special abilities: career change -1, add two fortune dice to any one check once/day, 25 points at character creation

Classes Completed: Forger – socket a reputation in a focus slot.

Experience Points gained: 17

Experience Points spent: 17

Improvements: Intuition trained, Agility Fortune Die added, Find Weakness action acquired, additional wound added X2, Guile Trained, Fake out action, better lucky than good reputation, threading the needle action, Keen vision specialization (Obs)


Harry Canyon came to Krovas a few months back with a caravan that had been worn thin from bandit attacks during the early part of the autumn harvest. After a couple of weeks in town, he found employment at Fitzlov’s Fineries, which became a little more permanent with the departure of old man Fitzlov. While the family continues to own the building and shop, Harry has taken up residence there and continues to run the shop while paying rent to the Fitzlov family.

Harry came across Hadrian, an old acquaintance, in Krovas and the two have been working the shop. While selling goods by day along with negotiating prices for new goods and trinkets from travelers and adventurers, they’ve made new friends from spending quality time in Shamley’s Hammer. Life hasn’t been dull with Laura, Kordan, and Horst around. There has been trouble to be had and places to go; however, the pay has been thin.

He’s very quiet about his past and doesn’t appear to have any long term plans. His father’s rapier was stolen in one of the bandit raids on his journey to Krovas. Leads thus far have been thin though it is an item he would very much like to see returned to him.

Harry is at a crossroads and in need of a new class. Mercenary or Investigator are the likely choices.

As the threat grows to the region and Harry continues to bump heads with chaos forces his sense of selfish self preservation is ebbing in favor of confronting the evil at hand knowing eventually there will be nowhere left to hide.

Harry Canyon

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