Acilio Marcellino

Upwardly Mobile one way or another


Acilio always had a penchant for taking a little off the top. His master was never the wiser and didn’t notice the shortfalls in the taxes. Acilio always blamed the peasants and his master always belived. His greed knew no bounds so when a witch hunter came to town and wondered why the coffers of the church where dry fingers were quick to be pointed and then those same fingers were quick to be cut off to reveal the corruption inside. To blame your master and his lavish tastes was quick thinking. The rest of the town knew that you were to blame, but to risk speaking could mean the loss of a tongue or worse. Your only choice was to take a wayward offer from Suramon to accompany him and find the corruption within. His stirring words were stoked by the glares from those in town cast your way.

This character has a secret that only the play and the GM know only revealed on picking this guy

Acilio Marcellino

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