Krovas - The Cold isn't the only thing to worry about.

The Circus Comes to Town

A one of: The witch-hunter and his entourage come to town

The witch hunter’s circus rolled into Krovas setting up shop in the marketplatz looking to persecute and burn anyone who didn’t strike them as ‘right’. Suramon had been moving from town to town for several years and had acquired quite a following. They were an imposing force and while no town enjoyed their arrival, to stand against them usually ended poorly for those who did. Perceptive and charismatic, Suramon had the ability to incite the masses into cacophonies of misguided piousness leaving behind satisifed citizens believing their community had been ‘cleansed’.

Suramon’s disciples had become so well trained, their blind devotion guided the circus stirring up such frenzy there was actually little he had to aside from staring down the masses, arms crossed, judging each with his pale blue eyes. His right hand man, the unnamed one, stood beside him stoically. Clad in all black leather including a full length coat and a hat with a wide brim covering his facial features, all save his well maintained full beard, personfied intimidation. He carried twin pistols well concealed by his coat and held a blunderbuss capable of killing a rat ogre with a single shot. As the crowd focused their gaze on the two standing on the portable dais, the disciples worked the crowd seeking subjects tainted with chaos.

Orin Hasling was perhaps the most adept at stirring the pot. Shouting eternal damnation to anyone with earshot was enough to incite a reaction in all but the most stalwart. He possessed an ability of deflecting the angst of the mob to one of their own fueling the fires of exposing the chaos tainted; purification following shortly thereafter. Denis Longtile had left the Altdorf army two years back seeking travel and a paying gig putting his talents to use – crowd control. While he was no religious zealot, he was certainly a believer but the past two years on the road had exposed him to enough leading to the conclusion the pious were no better than the tainted they sought to cleanse. Acilio Marcellino continued a penance of servitude to Suramon after his action (or inaction) was considered cowardly years back in an attack on his village. He performed his duties well but what he really loved was finding easy marks in the crowd and stealing from them.

The posse’ was less well received in Krovas than in most locations they’d visited. Minutes into their act, Orin was already despised, the mob becoming volatile quickly forcing Denis into action. Denis barked at the crowd in a duplicitous manner telling them none of this was worth it while almost in the same breath explaining if any of them made a move, it would be their last. As the fervor continued to build, Acilio had struck poorly at a mark and was now being shoved about by several members of the crowd. Cries of charlatan began to resound as pockets of the mob unified against their false cause. As Acilio tried to talk his way out of his precarious situation, Orin continued to ignite the masses. Denis parted the crowd enough to get hold of Acilio and get him out of harm’s way.

As the scene was about to boil over, Suramon finally spoke. His words pacified the crowd moderately as he explained the escalating situation is exactly what happens when chaos is present. We will be patient and allow the agents to show themselves; they can’t hide forever. Suramon requested his minions withdraw and when the people of Krovas are ready to act against the unseen threat assailing them daily, they will come together.

Fynn Rostlin, another of Suramon’s minions had returned with news and leads; places to investigate that may be concealing the forces of chaos. Suramon summoned Orin, Denis, and Acilio to go and check the places out; he expected a report in a few hours.

The first stop on the trio’s path was Jarvis’ Curiosities. The shop was a cluttered mess with all sorts of odd trinkets and talisman’s. The congestion in the place alone suggested something was being hidden. While the door was unlocked, nobody seemed to be home. Orin was intent on finding something, anything to provide a subject for his master. Denis told him he was wasting his time. Acilio came in through the back door truly confirming nobody was around. Concluding this was a dead end, the group made their way to a jail cell where a couple of guards were being punished for allegedly being involved with a chaos cult.

The prisoners explained they were simply on duty at the wrong time and had nothing to do with the situation they were convicted of being associated with. They attested to a corrupt baliff, who conveniently was unable to be found. In addition, they mentioned a dwarf, two Rieklanders, and a priest of Sigmar himself. Orin balked at the accusation; Denis retorted soldiers are men of their word adding their deaths are certain so there really is no reason to not believe their confession. Unsatisfied, Orin was remiss to move on to their final lead before reporting to Suramon. He was hopeful Fitzlov’s Fineries would contain the evidence he so sorely sought.

The shop itself was very plain, however, a little investigation yielded some materials providing a link to chaos exposure. As Orin gathered the evidence, movement from above caught their attention and they were beset upon. Four armed men already present in the store made their presence known and attacked.

Dispatching the group was easy enough though the collateral damage of the burning shop was not planned. Investigation of the bodies showed signs of Slannesh! A chaos presence indeed. Orin was thrilled at the discovery yet these men did not meet the description provided by the shackled guards. The owner of Fitzlov’s Fineries still needed to be found…



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