Krovas - The Cold isn't the only thing to worry about.

SACK 5: Losing Thy Marbles

GM: Andy

Deuce Mondrian the Graverobber- Julian
Benvolio the Ratcatcher- Baylen
Louis the Agent- Todd

Following the first SACK adventure WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?, in which 6 stalwart adventurers go tomb-robbing to acquire a piece of warpstone that had corrupted the young wife of the madman Heinrich Von Gunner. Now the SACK has contacted two of the original party members, Louis and Mondrian, to find Heinrich, who disappeared from the temple of Shallia, where he was being cared for.

Before the adventure, (offscreen), Mondrian and Lorenzo (Matt’s wizard), had tracked Heinrich into the sewers of the noble quarter, but had ultimately lost him. Now Mondrian has assembled a crack team to help him find and apprehend Heinrich: Benvolio the ratcatcher (sewers are his specialty) and Louis the Agent (to help resolve any complications in the Noble Quarter).

Since it is highly verboten to bring a ratcatcher into the Noble Quarter, Mondrian arranges with some “local color” to get a ride across the river with the smuggler and ne’er do well Denard Span, accompanied by his henchmen, Cuddy and Koobs. After overpaying them stiffly and giving them the smell of money, there was a tense journey in the boat and then Span suggested that he and his cohort should accompany the adventurers into town (with the pretty obvious intent of shaking them down.) Mondrian bluffed them into thinking that they’d return soon, and letting Span believe that they’d have a chance to fleece them on the return trip, and so they left the gang at the docks, cautiously hiding to make sure they were not tailed.

After realizing that they had no way to overcome the cistern locks and enter the sewers from the river before the tide came in, Louis used his pistol to blow one of the locks off, and they entered the sewers.

They made their way arduously through the sewers for sometime, avoiding the normal pitfalls of slippery terrain and reeking waste. Finally, as they went further and further Northwest, they came to a region of the sewers that was dry and looked well-traveled— in the area that Mondrian had lost Heinrich. Pressing on, they found a room full of bats and were caught in a batswarm as (unbeknowest to us), nasty mushroom spores were released by the commotion, bathing the party in psychotropic drugs.

The highly disciplined and steely-nerved mind of Mondrian was unscathed of course. But the weaker wills of Benvolio & Louis succumbed to strange fears. Louis was beset by roaring, able to hear nothing else in the silent caves. Benvolio was beset by strange emotions. Of course Mondrian’s fiery charisma and stoic wisdom was such that even the mad obey him: They pressed on through the caves and eventually found a workshop full of laboratory items, strange books and a chained rat-ogre.

The vicious beast began to try to wrest itself free in order to attack them as they dithered briefly. Seeing that it was only a matter of time before it got loose, Mondrian resolved to wipe the abomination from the land of the living. He started taking point blank shots at the thing with his crossbow, then Benvolio’s crossbow, then the pistol of Louis, as his compatriots were barely functional. The thing wrenched free and a frantic combat ensued in which they just managed to destroy the thing after it had wounded the valiant Mondrian. Meanwhile Benvolio had retired to the secondary rooms and found Heinrich cowering, using his net to ensnare him.

Thus armed with some strange magical and esoteric loot, as well as with the (living) body of Heinrich, they made their way back to the river and returned to lick their wounds and collect their winnings.



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