Krovas - The Cold isn't the only thing to worry about.

SACK 4: The Lamp of Truth

The Lamp of Truth

GM: Julian
Fallis the Wardancer – Andy B
Lorenzo S the Bright Wizard- Matt
Arowen (sp?) the Wood Elf Scout – Micah

The session opened with our heroes in the marketplatz of Krovas (naturally). The crowd stirred, then parted to let a boy through, who was pursued by the city guard. Just when it looked like the ragamuffin was set to escape the guards, he was cut off by mounted riders and the heroes saw the highly placed priest of Sigmar, Aelfred the Half-dead, apprehend the boy and check a mark on his neck. Then they rode away with the boy in tow.

This session introduced the Star Children, a heretical cult that once were based in the hills outside Krovas. A few remnants of the Children live in the environs of Krovas and Erengrad, generally keeping a low profile to avoid witch-hunters and practice their ancient pagan religion secretly.

Shortly thereafter Lorenzo saw the red sash hanging from the tower of Krovas and looked under the barrel to find the note. The SACK advised the party that a caravan guard fleeing a roadside Beastman ambush had escaped death only to flee deep into the woods and stumble across the legendary Observatory of the Star Children, hidden for centuries in the hills to the Northeast of Krovas. There, an ancient tale told of a “Lamp of Truth” that could be recovered from its hiding place. This relic was to be obtained for the SACK and returned to their normal contact.

The party set about finding the guardsman, Alfonso, who had accidentally found the Observatory. After spending some time in Shamly’s Hammer, they tracked Alfonso to the Moon House, a grungy dive and flophouse near the Southern gate of Krovas. Alfonso gave them directions to the place they’d been ambushed, and described how he had fled and found the Observatory.

The party bought two horses and a war pony for Fallis). As they prepared to leave Krovas, they saw a party of four Holy Wardens leaving Krovas. Following them at a distance, they decided to ambush them the first night on the road. The ambush was successful and all four Wardens were slain; one of them was Ivan the man that Lorenzo, Louis and Drowsin had interrogated outside Shamley’s Hammer a few weeks back (See SACK 2: The Case of the Unfortunate Lady). During the combat, they seemed to see the shape of a Dark Elf woman at the edge of the campfire, but when they searched for her, there was no sign of her movements or tracks.

They set the Warden’s horses free and went off-road after finding the caravan remnants. THey found the gnawed-upon body of a Beastman and shortly thereafter found the Observatory, hidden in the hills. Approaching the structure, they discovered some goblins guarding the place, and as combat began, the greenskins were joined by a squig and an orc. After a bloody combat (which dropped Fallis, but with no crits), they explored the Observatory, and after analyzing the prophecy language given by SACK, they found the prize hidden behind the crystal model of the sun on the observatory’s ceiling. The prize was a big scroll tube full of ancient parchment inscribed with dozens of arcane star-charts and so on.

The party agreed to return with the star-charts to Krovas and turn them over to their SACK contact as specified, but not before Lorenzo made his own copies.



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