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SACK 2: The Case of the Unfortunate Lady

The Case of the Unfortunate Lady

GM: Julian
Lorenzo S: Kudas
Drowsin the Elf: Micah
Louis F: Todd

Setup: The Society Against Corruption in Krovas has established the following routine. A red sash on the clocktower on any given day means that the mysterious Society Elders are meeting. The Society’s agents (the player characters) will be offered a mission the next morning by means of planting a letter under a blue-striped barrel in the southwest corner of the Marketplatz.

Following this routine, Lorenzo, Drowsin & Louis recived the instructions to find out the source of the ruinous corruption of the unfortunate Anastasia Dubrovnik, and to eliminate the source of corruption.

Louis had heard of the wealthy fur merchants named Dubrovniks, so he went to their house and talked his way into speak with the patriarch of the family, Anton Dubrovnik. By pretending to represent a Bretonnian suitor, Louis conned his way into talking with the unfortunate girl herself, a mousy pious girl who wants nothing more than to be a nun. Against her wishes, her drunk father showed Louis the third eye the girl had grown on her chest— apparently caused by changes to the seizure medication she has taken since she was a girl. Louis also established that the sickness started after Anastasia was betrothed to a certain Anton Gislev, a poor nobleman looking to marry into wealth. Also, the delivery of the drugs from Altdorf had recently been taken over by a relatively new power in Krovas, the traders known as the Holy Wardens, self-styled fanatical protectors of the roads.

Louis & co decided to speak to the Holy Wardens so Louis went to Korbash’s Spirits and rufi’d a party of three wardens, getting one to accompany him into the streets outside. There ensued much torture and a few good ticks on the party tension meter as the elf grappled Ivan the Holy Warden and the proud dignified wizard cut off his pinkie and tortured him. The use of the wizard’s flaming sword and Louis shooting his gun began to attract attention so they cold-coked the unfortunate Ivan after threatening his life and burn-scarring his face. They were able to determine that the Holy Wardens are centered in Erengrad, led by a High Holy Brother named Ostren. They have one warehouse in Krovas and the master of the house is Reynaud Salazar, a renegade Bretonnian. As the city guard was heard to approach, with the horns of the night watch blaring, they left Ivan bleeding on the street and fled into the night. (“Mommy, why is the elf hurting that man??”)

Our intrepid heroes staked out the warehouse of the Holy Wardens and happily chanced upon the gallic infused Reynaud Salazar lambasting the warehouse guards. Seeing him enter the warehouse alone, they snuck into the warehouse and kidnapped Reynaud, barely escaping as the night watch descended in force upon the warehouse. They took the unfortunate Reynaud to the docks to torture him under the pier; Reynaud quickly cracked and explained the scheme. The maidservant to Anton Gislev, Anastasia’s betrothed, was in love with the young, destitute nobleman and had secured vile chaos-ridden dust from her “aunt in the woods by the haunted Dolmen.” This dust was combined with Anastasia’s medication in order to start her physical corruption. The heroes decided that the Dolmen’s denizens must be the source of this chaos-dust and decided to let Reynaud live. (Reynaud, who wears a nose-ring, the Bretonnian mark of a thief, vowed to retire from smuggling and never be seen in Krovas again.)

The heroes journeyed to the haunted dolmen just out of town and entered the cottage that they found there. A beautiful woman sat staring into a fire wearing an elfish crown. Upon entry, she summoned to life her skeletal minions and she battled the characters with the aid of the skeletons. After defeating the witch and her cronies, the characters heard the plaintive cry for help from the cave beneath the floor of the old cottage. The elf charged down into the hole and found a nasty chaos monster, setting up a nasty battle in the depths of the earth. After the monster struck down the elf, it clashed with Louis while Lorenzo frantically cast his fire spells at it. All 3 were barely standing when the chaos-spawn finally dropped in its tracks.

(Out of character: As we had started late, and it was almost 11, we ended there.)

Fruits of conquest: One healing draught is discovered in the witch’s workshop, as well as Dark Elf scrolls that hint at her plans in the Northeast.
Reward for the mission: The original note said 20 gp and a Marque of Authority bestowed by the Society. Matt suggested that the sum be 10 gp to keep wealth levels sane and not eliminate the advantages of those early characters who spend building points on wealth, so I reduced the sum to 10gp (still the equivalent of more than 1 month’s wages for a mercenary for about 2 days of dangerous work).

Open questions / loose ends:

  1. Louis had tried to entice Anton Dubrovnik with the offer of a Brettonian noble’s hand for Anastasia; will Anton forget?
  2. Louis has seen Anastasia’s mutation— Drowsin and Lorenzo know of it; what will he do with this info? Can she be allowed to live?
  3. How will the Holy Wardens respond to the beating and torture of one of their number as well as the kidnapping and disappearance of their master smuggler (assuming Reynaud honors his pledge).
  4. What was the agenda of the horrific Dark Elf witch so close to the semi-civilization of Krovas and what dark secrets are contained in her scrolls?


(2)Content Not Found: lorenzo-srarz is reporting Anastasia’s mutation to the local church. Let it be known there is no tolerance for mutation. And Anton’s complacence in the affairs of his daughter surely mark him as sympathetic to corruption or so addle minded that he is a threat those that truly follow Sigmar.


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