Krovas - The Cold isn't the only thing to worry about.

SACK 1 : Who moved my cheese?

Six rowdy adventurers received their first assignment from the mysterious Society Against the Corruption of Krovas.

  • Deuce Mondrian, the handsome and smartest of them all: cemetery attendant and purveyor of antiques.
  • Thrak the Dwarfish Pit Fighter (Bryce)
  • Elven Swordmaster (Micah)
  • Human Soldier (Terry)
  • Louis Firking the Agent (Todd)
  • Lorenzo Srarz the Bright Wizard (Matt)

We were assigned the task of investigating the insanity of a mad nobleman housed in the temple of Shallya. The Agent and Deuce M infiltrated the temple posing as relatives (and a servant). The madman rambled on of his lost love who was buried with “cheese”. We set upon the course of investigating the tomb of the noblewoman in order to ascertain her fate and determine what this mysterious “cheese” might consist of.

6 awesome heroes set out for the graveyard. It all started with an elaborate, but dubious scheme of bringing the wizard into the graveyard in a coffin. Finding the graveyard closed at night, we determined to climb the wall. Deuce scouted the grave and found the place overrun with Scayven. We climbed over the wall in force and decimated the rat-things.
Then we entered the tomb and heard the fighting of its evil denizens— Scayven and Undead (I think?)

(This part was slightly abridged as real-time was getting short; the battle was dispensed with and we went straight to looting.)

Terry’s soldier stole jewels and everything not nailed down from the tomb corpses.
Deuce grabbed the big hunk of green stone (“cheese”) lodged in the skeleton of the madman’s wife.

There was a Bretonnian standoff while the Wizard ignobly argued with Deuce about who should collect the fancy green bauble. After a while, even though Deuce could see through the cowardly wizard’s lies about its danger, Deuce gave in to the party’s will (since they were all threatening to kill him) and gave up the warpstone “cheese” to the Wizard to be destroyed. (Yeah sure, like that will happen.. who watches the watchmen??)



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