Krovas - The Cold isn't the only thing to worry about.

Head to the Mine, Part 2

Demons, Beastmen, and an indoor amusement park

Picking up where we left off, Kurgi pointed out the cave troll had run off as we failed to burn the body. With the immediate threats dealt with, we returned to examining the ceremonial array of corpses as well as searching what remained of the camp for any clues as to what might have happened.

Horst scanned the perimeter of the camp yielding some fine arrows but little else. Kurgi checked out the entrance to the mine and delving in a couple hundred yards discovered some symbology of dwarven origin. What exactly it meant remained undetermined. Loren spent some time examining the bodies of the camp inhabitants. He observed they were definitely arranged in a pattern of some sort. Similar to the corpses we encountered in the wilderness by the broken cart, they were defaced, backs flayed with ribs and organs removed. Truly a gruesome site for some nefarious purpose.

Harry spent some time searching the buildings. A supply building was well equipped with finely crafted mining tools along with three opaque flasks. A search of a second building concluded this was the manager’s office. The log books were in dwarvish so Harry sent for Kurgi to see if he could translate. The main thing to note here is the dwarves had definitely found Gromril in the mine and had begun excavating. Kurgi assisted Harry in learning the oil in the flasks was highly flammable with a low flashpoint and incinerating itself quickly. It would certainly make an effective fuse. We didn’t find any explosives to go with the flasks.

Continuing to search the camp, we spotted some sacks of ore. While making plans on how to get some of the ore back to Krovas, the group detected a metallic smell in the center of camp. The group convened there all confirming the same odor but unable to identify the source. Without warning, a volley of arrows pelted the camp leaving none of us unscathed. We scattered for cover, all save Kurgi, who was pinned to the ground.

Following the volley, the air in the middle of the camp began to coalesce and crackle with energy. The air itself seemed to split apart within the electric haze. What poured from the void defied description, mouths with legs more of less which descended upon the party with great speed. Horst scored the first killing blow in oblierating fashion. As the demon burst apart, it was replaced by two smaller copies of itself.

And so went the exercise; killing one to make two. Fortunately, the demons did not further split. When they wre finished off, the portal was gone. A second volley of arrows followed, nicking us again. The decision was made to head into the mine. In addition to the missile barrage, Harry spotted beastmen moving in our direction from the main gate of the camp. During the battle with the demons, Loren had found two sacks of ore. We thought it was worth the risk to try to bring it with us.

Kurgi and Loren hauled the ore; Harry provided cover fire. Horst was already at the mine entrance and shouted out the beastmen were gaining ground. We made it to the mine entrance (though I didn’t record whether or not we made it with the ore). Kurgi and Harry set some of the explosive charges on the ground and used one of the flasks for a fuse. Inside the mine, Horst and Loren prepared mine carts to ride. As the beastmen approached the mine entrance Harry lit the fuse, which burned quickly. The ensuing blast managed to kill four of the chaos spawn; a fifth made it past the charges but was impaled upon Kurgi’s axes.

A second of wave beastmen entered the mine. Horst and Loren took the first cart, Kurgi and Harry the second. The carts were slow to build momentum and the beastmen rapidly gained ground. Harry attempted to make a molotov cocktail with one of the flasks and failed miserably, he was lucky to have not torched himself and the dwarf with an errant throw. In an effort to outdo this folly, Horst opted to jump out of the cart to give it a push. While it augmented the acceleration, he barely made it back into the cart.

The beastmen did not catch us as we sped into the depths of the mine…



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