Krovas - The Cold isn't the only thing to worry about.

Building a bridge

The carts continued their ride into the depths of the mine as the beastmen fell further behind, eventually becoming no concern. Kurgi was growing more concerned the further we went at one point asking Harry, “Don’t you smell that?” In a frenzy, he swatted Harry’s lantern extingushing it and knocking it out of the cart. Harry screamed to the first cart to put out the lights and hit the brakes. With good fortune, Loren and Horst heard the commands over the cacophony of the carts and followed suit. Kurgi went on to explain there are combustible gases so we’d need to proceed in the dark. Harry found his lantern although it seemed unusally light as if the fuel from a lantern that never required filling had drained when it crashed to the ground.

We pressed on in the carts at a very slow pace, Kurgi frequently pointing out how useless we were in the dark. The group had opted to tie the carts together in order to prevent too much separation. Kurgi and Harry were now in the lead cart with Horst and Loren sitting int he second. We came to a fork where Kurgi sent the front cart left and unfortunately the second cart veered right bringing the crawl to a stop once again much to Kurgi’s dismay.

Horst and Loren were swarmed by bats down their path with Horst taking a significant pelting. Apparently, Sigmar can’t hear you when your in the depths. Everyone helped to heal Horst’s wounds and the group moved the second cart back to join the first again moving at a slow pace.

Inevitably, the carts had to be stopped again; this time for good reason. Kurgi pointed out the tracks were at an end. Panic began to set in for the Reiklanders; Kurgi mentioned we could back to using light. Along with some torches, Harry lit the lantern but it now gave off much less light. The tracks were indeed out and where once stood a great stone bridge was only a chasm. A rope bridge had been put in its place, however, it had been cut on this side and now only dangled from the other side.

A grappling hook and rope was retrieved from Lev’s backpack and was used to hook the rope bridge – an amazing display of coordination from Harry Canyon. The group began heaving the bridge back towards themselves in an effort to tie it off and hopefully cross safely. During the workout, Kurgi smelled blood and headed back the way we came. Indeed, we were beset upon by a horde of Skaven. Urgency setting in, Harry and Horst doubled their efforts while Loren was going to serve as a backup to the carnage Kurgi was wrecking in the tunnel.

The skaven were numerous and several made it past Kurgi. Using his spear, Loren made a great stand at preventing them from getting to the bridge haulers. Despite his efforts, a few made it past to Harry and Horst. Horst, in an effort to remove the vermin, passed out from kicking at them one too many times. Left alone, Harry got the bridge tied off in a manner he presumed safe to cross.

The little skaven dissipated at the return of Kurgi who had three much larger skaven in pursuit. Horst was revived, and was the first to cross the bridge, which held. Harry followed, with Loren right behind. Once across, Kurgi cut the rope bridge sacrificing himself for the group. “Die well”, cried Harry, and the group continued on their only path before them.

After an uneventful trek, the party began following a sound of what sounded like hammer on metal, certainly not natural, and hopefully created by what would be allies, not enemies. The closest entrance we found in pursit of the sound seemed to be the result of destruction, it appears to be a large hole in a wall meaning we were possibly entering a dwarven city, certainly the mine was behind us here. Harry crept in and indeed found a band of dwarves, one of them pounding on a large anvil which gave off a light from an unknown source. Harry bade his companions to move forward so we could introduce ourselves to what was hoped to be a friendly group.



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