Krovas - The Cold isn't the only thing to worry about.

SACK 5: Losing Thy Marbles

GM: Andy

Deuce Mondrian the Graverobber- Julian
Benvolio the Ratcatcher- Baylen
Louis the Agent- Todd

Following the first SACK adventure WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?, in which 6 stalwart adventurers go tomb-robbing to acquire a piece of warpstone that had corrupted the young wife of the madman Heinrich Von Gunner. Now the SACK has contacted two of the original party members, Louis and Mondrian, to find Heinrich, who disappeared from the temple of Shallia, where he was being cared for.

Before the adventure, (offscreen), Mondrian and Lorenzo (Matt’s wizard), had tracked Heinrich into the sewers of the noble quarter, but had ultimately lost him. Now Mondrian has assembled a crack team to help him find and apprehend Heinrich: Benvolio the ratcatcher (sewers are his specialty) and Louis the Agent (to help resolve any complications in the Noble Quarter).

Since it is highly verboten to bring a ratcatcher into the Noble Quarter, Mondrian arranges with some “local color” to get a ride across the river with the smuggler and ne’er do well Denard Span, accompanied by his henchmen, Cuddy and Koobs. After overpaying them stiffly and giving them the smell of money, there was a tense journey in the boat and then Span suggested that he and his cohort should accompany the adventurers into town (with the pretty obvious intent of shaking them down.) Mondrian bluffed them into thinking that they’d return soon, and letting Span believe that they’d have a chance to fleece them on the return trip, and so they left the gang at the docks, cautiously hiding to make sure they were not tailed.

After realizing that they had no way to overcome the cistern locks and enter the sewers from the river before the tide came in, Louis used his pistol to blow one of the locks off, and they entered the sewers.

They made their way arduously through the sewers for sometime, avoiding the normal pitfalls of slippery terrain and reeking waste. Finally, as they went further and further Northwest, they came to a region of the sewers that was dry and looked well-traveled— in the area that Mondrian had lost Heinrich. Pressing on, they found a room full of bats and were caught in a batswarm as (unbeknowest to us), nasty mushroom spores were released by the commotion, bathing the party in psychotropic drugs.

The highly disciplined and steely-nerved mind of Mondrian was unscathed of course. But the weaker wills of Benvolio & Louis succumbed to strange fears. Louis was beset by roaring, able to hear nothing else in the silent caves. Benvolio was beset by strange emotions. Of course Mondrian’s fiery charisma and stoic wisdom was such that even the mad obey him: They pressed on through the caves and eventually found a workshop full of laboratory items, strange books and a chained rat-ogre.

The vicious beast began to try to wrest itself free in order to attack them as they dithered briefly. Seeing that it was only a matter of time before it got loose, Mondrian resolved to wipe the abomination from the land of the living. He started taking point blank shots at the thing with his crossbow, then Benvolio’s crossbow, then the pistol of Louis, as his compatriots were barely functional. The thing wrenched free and a frantic combat ensued in which they just managed to destroy the thing after it had wounded the valiant Mondrian. Meanwhile Benvolio had retired to the secondary rooms and found Heinrich cowering, using his net to ensnare him.

Thus armed with some strange magical and esoteric loot, as well as with the (living) body of Heinrich, they made their way back to the river and returned to lick their wounds and collect their winnings.

SACK 4: The Lamp of Truth

The Lamp of Truth

GM: Julian
Fallis the Wardancer – Andy B
Lorenzo S the Bright Wizard- Matt
Arowen (sp?) the Wood Elf Scout – Micah

The session opened with our heroes in the marketplatz of Krovas (naturally). The crowd stirred, then parted to let a boy through, who was pursued by the city guard. Just when it looked like the ragamuffin was set to escape the guards, he was cut off by mounted riders and the heroes saw the highly placed priest of Sigmar, Aelfred the Half-dead, apprehend the boy and check a mark on his neck. Then they rode away with the boy in tow.

This session introduced the Star Children, a heretical cult that once were based in the hills outside Krovas. A few remnants of the Children live in the environs of Krovas and Erengrad, generally keeping a low profile to avoid witch-hunters and practice their ancient pagan religion secretly.

Shortly thereafter Lorenzo saw the red sash hanging from the tower of Krovas and looked under the barrel to find the note. The SACK advised the party that a caravan guard fleeing a roadside Beastman ambush had escaped death only to flee deep into the woods and stumble across the legendary Observatory of the Star Children, hidden for centuries in the hills to the Northeast of Krovas. There, an ancient tale told of a “Lamp of Truth” that could be recovered from its hiding place. This relic was to be obtained for the SACK and returned to their normal contact.

The party set about finding the guardsman, Alfonso, who had accidentally found the Observatory. After spending some time in Shamly’s Hammer, they tracked Alfonso to the Moon House, a grungy dive and flophouse near the Southern gate of Krovas. Alfonso gave them directions to the place they’d been ambushed, and described how he had fled and found the Observatory.

The party bought two horses and a war pony for Fallis). As they prepared to leave Krovas, they saw a party of four Holy Wardens leaving Krovas. Following them at a distance, they decided to ambush them the first night on the road. The ambush was successful and all four Wardens were slain; one of them was Ivan the man that Lorenzo, Louis and Drowsin had interrogated outside Shamley’s Hammer a few weeks back (See SACK 2: The Case of the Unfortunate Lady). During the combat, they seemed to see the shape of a Dark Elf woman at the edge of the campfire, but when they searched for her, there was no sign of her movements or tracks.

They set the Warden’s horses free and went off-road after finding the caravan remnants. THey found the gnawed-upon body of a Beastman and shortly thereafter found the Observatory, hidden in the hills. Approaching the structure, they discovered some goblins guarding the place, and as combat began, the greenskins were joined by a squig and an orc. After a bloody combat (which dropped Fallis, but with no crits), they explored the Observatory, and after analyzing the prophecy language given by SACK, they found the prize hidden behind the crystal model of the sun on the observatory’s ceiling. The prize was a big scroll tube full of ancient parchment inscribed with dozens of arcane star-charts and so on.

The party agreed to return with the star-charts to Krovas and turn them over to their SACK contact as specified, but not before Lorenzo made his own copies.

SACK 3: Blades, Faeries, and Beastmen (oh my)!

SACK 3: Blades, Faeries, and Beastmen (oh my)!

Play Date: March 1st, 2012


Andy: GM
Matt: Lorenzo Sanzz (Rieklander Apprentice Bright Mage)
Bryce: Thrak (Dwarf Pit Fighter)
Micah: Drwosin (High Elf Sword Master)
Todd: Louis Firkin (Brettonian Agent)

The red sash flew on the clocktower and Thrak answered the call by retrieving the note under the blue barrel in the Marketplatz. The contents simply instructed to get a table for dinner at Shamley’s Hammer; assemble the team and prepare the table for themselves plus one.

Shortly after arriving at the Hammer, an older gentlemen requested a seat at the table. After ordering two bottles of Kislev’s esteemed Praag’s peppered bourbon and offering a toast, he introduced himself as Ryld Argith, an emissary of the Gruber family. Over the course of a fine meal, he explained the family he serves has lost one of their sons. Master Hans, a sergeant in the Krovas army currently assigned in patrolling the Grovod Wood south of Krovas, is two days overdue in reporting from his current mission. While the army will no doubt send a team to search for the missing, the family wishes to have their family blade retrieved. Given the paltry wages soldiers receive, they fear the blade will be lost to them should they find it. And thus, given the family’s pull in Krovas, they are using the resources within SACK to their benefit.

As the meal concluded, Ryld encouraged the party to keep the remaining spirits along with a front payment of 5 gp, money in good faith for the job at hand. Additionally, Ryld provided a map of the current patrol route Hans had been running and a trinket to be placed with Bjorn at his fish market in the Marketplatz; an indication of completion of the job at which time he’ll be in contact for a final transfer. Following success, each surviving member will be allowed to peruse the wares and select an item from the legendary Gruber blacksmiths, a profession which elevated the status of their family generations ago. With that, Ryld took his leave and bade the party godspeed and all success.

Shortly following his departure, a plainly dressed women approached the table and invited the party to meet with her master across the street at the Griffon’s nest. She informed them only that they would be expected and her master can be found in room 6 on the second floor. The party chose to follow through all making their way to room 6 aside from Louis, who chose to remain in the lobby. The lone person in room 6 was a woman who encouraged them to sit and opened with a question, “Are you the group involved in the recent disturbance in the Vonn Gunnar mausoleum?” Thrak chose the honest route answering affirmatively breaking a smile from the unnamed woman. She then went on to tell the party Heinrich (the crazy man whose wife turned out to be a raised banshee) is now missing. While of no consequence, she said she thought the group should know in the event ‘others’ come asking about him.

Small talk dispensed, she told the party the man across the street is not who he says he is, is not a representative of the Gruber family, and whatever reward he promised is unlikely to happen despite any successes your endeavor may result in (successful intuition checks indicated she was being truthful). She continued in saying the task at hand is sanctioned by SACK and failure to comply will end badly for them. In concluding the one sided conversation, she mentioned she believes their actions in the Vonn Gunnar incident have made them a target and to take caution while in the wood; at all costs, do not get stuck out there at night. She hopes they’ll meet again and will make efforts to see they are better informed if they do.

The party left for the wood at dawn heeding her words. An hour or so into their journey, the party found signs of a battle with forces from Krovas though there was little left on the battlefield aside from a stripped, mutliated, half-eaten corpse. Given the decay and lack of body parts, it was impossible to tell if the man was a soldier; however, the arms and armor littering the trampled ground seemed to indicate as such. Continuing on the path indicated from Ryld map, a few hours later Louis, on point, froze as three arrows struck the ground at his feet.

A wood elf emerged from the wood with four of his guard and after making some odd comments about the bunch told them they’d have to come with him. The party made no threatening gestures; the lead wood elf introduced himself as Rey Kildeen and told them they could keep their weapons as they posed no threat, however, the tainted one (Lorenzo) required his hands be bound. While putting up a small fuss, it was decided life was better than death and thus complied. On the way, there was an assault from beastmen. In an impressive display the wood elves, whose numbers were truly hidden by the wood, dispatched of them with ease. Ranged forces pelted the beastmen with arrows and those that got close enough were carved in a ballet of blades.

Upon reaching the destination, Rey Kildeen told Lorenzo and Drowsin they would not be permitted into Canneroc’s grove. Thrak and Louis met with Canneroc, the current ‘fairy in charge’ who told them their presence was unexpected and if Krovas is going to continue to send troops into the wood, they might want to consider a larger force. He went on to tell the pair how the beastmen have mightily increased in number and are defiling the most sacred place of the wood. Such actions have thinned their ranks and as such the last patrol was able to, presumably unknowing, reach far deeper into ‘elf’ territory than they’d prefer. The result was the beastmen, who’ve been gathering/recruiting Rieklanders, stormed the patrol and the skirmish carried into an elf settlement filled with women and young. The elves were mercilessly slaughtered while all the Rieklanders were carried away. Canneroc continued the beastmen aren’t particularly interested in them, however, they lie between the beastmen and Krovas of which the beastmen are certainly interested. He’s torn as he doesn’t have the force to deal with the beastmen army and it seems they will be driven from the wood.

Thrak then asked about the sword which Canneroc found was a silly reason to be this deep in dangerous territory. He told him he didn’t recover the sword from the earlier skirmish but the beastmen took their quarry straight west into the heart of the wood. He granted the group access to simple supplies before dismissing them.

The party took their leave of the elves heading further west into the woods per Canneroc’s instructions eventually finding a large horde of beastmen. The beastmen were herding Rieklanders and have several of their number chained together exposing them to a giant herdstone ripe with corruption. They tried to get a closer look but it seemed to be a foolish task and at this point abandoned their search. Attempting to make their way back, they were made by a pack of beastmen and forced to fight. As they were dispatching the enemies, roars of reinforcements sounded out extending the skirmish. While the first pack were simple ungors, the next round contained gors and a wargor. The clan of wood elves showed up to assist and were successful in helping the party escape. Following the escape, Canneroc presented an ornate blade, presumably their quarry also informing them they put to death most of the humans chained to the herdstone. He advised them to bring the size of the force to Krovas’ attention and that an army would be needed to quell the threat.

The journey back to Krovas was uneventful. They hung the talismen as instructed by Ryld Argith at the fish shop in the Marketplatz and waited for a contact that never came. The mysterious guest from The Griffon’s Nest did make an appearance introducing herself as Greta Sustaryn. She went on to explain how their house mage, Glen Danzig, is corrupt to the core and also a member of SACK indicating dissention within its’ ranks. This, of course, does not bode well for her entire family should the mage be exposed. She believes Danzig is responsible for the Vonn Gunnar incident (the now deceased Enid wzs her sister) meaning he is dabbling in necromancy and working with Skaven. She indicated with some certainty he engineering the quest to retrieve the Gruber sword meaning he also has knowledge of the beastmen in the Grovod Wood. This likely marks him as a major player in the evils surrounding Krovas and a formidable enemy. It’s also unfortunate for the party as they seem to be in his cross-hairs.

Greta told them to carry on, business as usual and as she gathers more intel, efforts will made to contact them.

SACK 2: The Case of the Unfortunate Lady

The Case of the Unfortunate Lady

GM: Julian
Lorenzo S: Kudas
Drowsin the Elf: Micah
Louis F: Todd

Setup: The Society Against Corruption in Krovas has established the following routine. A red sash on the clocktower on any given day means that the mysterious Society Elders are meeting. The Society’s agents (the player characters) will be offered a mission the next morning by means of planting a letter under a blue-striped barrel in the southwest corner of the Marketplatz.

Following this routine, Lorenzo, Drowsin & Louis recived the instructions to find out the source of the ruinous corruption of the unfortunate Anastasia Dubrovnik, and to eliminate the source of corruption.

Louis had heard of the wealthy fur merchants named Dubrovniks, so he went to their house and talked his way into speak with the patriarch of the family, Anton Dubrovnik. By pretending to represent a Bretonnian suitor, Louis conned his way into talking with the unfortunate girl herself, a mousy pious girl who wants nothing more than to be a nun. Against her wishes, her drunk father showed Louis the third eye the girl had grown on her chest— apparently caused by changes to the seizure medication she has taken since she was a girl. Louis also established that the sickness started after Anastasia was betrothed to a certain Anton Gislev, a poor nobleman looking to marry into wealth. Also, the delivery of the drugs from Altdorf had recently been taken over by a relatively new power in Krovas, the traders known as the Holy Wardens, self-styled fanatical protectors of the roads.

Louis & co decided to speak to the Holy Wardens so Louis went to Korbash’s Spirits and rufi’d a party of three wardens, getting one to accompany him into the streets outside. There ensued much torture and a few good ticks on the party tension meter as the elf grappled Ivan the Holy Warden and the proud dignified wizard cut off his pinkie and tortured him. The use of the wizard’s flaming sword and Louis shooting his gun began to attract attention so they cold-coked the unfortunate Ivan after threatening his life and burn-scarring his face. They were able to determine that the Holy Wardens are centered in Erengrad, led by a High Holy Brother named Ostren. They have one warehouse in Krovas and the master of the house is Reynaud Salazar, a renegade Bretonnian. As the city guard was heard to approach, with the horns of the night watch blaring, they left Ivan bleeding on the street and fled into the night. (“Mommy, why is the elf hurting that man??”)

Our intrepid heroes staked out the warehouse of the Holy Wardens and happily chanced upon the gallic infused Reynaud Salazar lambasting the warehouse guards. Seeing him enter the warehouse alone, they snuck into the warehouse and kidnapped Reynaud, barely escaping as the night watch descended in force upon the warehouse. They took the unfortunate Reynaud to the docks to torture him under the pier; Reynaud quickly cracked and explained the scheme. The maidservant to Anton Gislev, Anastasia’s betrothed, was in love with the young, destitute nobleman and had secured vile chaos-ridden dust from her “aunt in the woods by the haunted Dolmen.” This dust was combined with Anastasia’s medication in order to start her physical corruption. The heroes decided that the Dolmen’s denizens must be the source of this chaos-dust and decided to let Reynaud live. (Reynaud, who wears a nose-ring, the Bretonnian mark of a thief, vowed to retire from smuggling and never be seen in Krovas again.)

The heroes journeyed to the haunted dolmen just out of town and entered the cottage that they found there. A beautiful woman sat staring into a fire wearing an elfish crown. Upon entry, she summoned to life her skeletal minions and she battled the characters with the aid of the skeletons. After defeating the witch and her cronies, the characters heard the plaintive cry for help from the cave beneath the floor of the old cottage. The elf charged down into the hole and found a nasty chaos monster, setting up a nasty battle in the depths of the earth. After the monster struck down the elf, it clashed with Louis while Lorenzo frantically cast his fire spells at it. All 3 were barely standing when the chaos-spawn finally dropped in its tracks.

(Out of character: As we had started late, and it was almost 11, we ended there.)

Fruits of conquest: One healing draught is discovered in the witch’s workshop, as well as Dark Elf scrolls that hint at her plans in the Northeast.
Reward for the mission: The original note said 20 gp and a Marque of Authority bestowed by the Society. Matt suggested that the sum be 10 gp to keep wealth levels sane and not eliminate the advantages of those early characters who spend building points on wealth, so I reduced the sum to 10gp (still the equivalent of more than 1 month’s wages for a mercenary for about 2 days of dangerous work).

Open questions / loose ends:

  1. Louis had tried to entice Anton Dubrovnik with the offer of a Brettonian noble’s hand for Anastasia; will Anton forget?
  2. Louis has seen Anastasia’s mutation— Drowsin and Lorenzo know of it; what will he do with this info? Can she be allowed to live?
  3. How will the Holy Wardens respond to the beating and torture of one of their number as well as the kidnapping and disappearance of their master smuggler (assuming Reynaud honors his pledge).
  4. What was the agenda of the horrific Dark Elf witch so close to the semi-civilization of Krovas and what dark secrets are contained in her scrolls?
SACK 1 : Who moved my cheese?

Six rowdy adventurers received their first assignment from the mysterious Society Against the Corruption of Krovas.

  • Deuce Mondrian, the handsome and smartest of them all: cemetery attendant and purveyor of antiques.
  • Thrak the Dwarfish Pit Fighter (Bryce)
  • Elven Swordmaster (Micah)
  • Human Soldier (Terry)
  • Louis Firking the Agent (Todd)
  • Lorenzo Srarz the Bright Wizard (Matt)

We were assigned the task of investigating the insanity of a mad nobleman housed in the temple of Shallya. The Agent and Deuce M infiltrated the temple posing as relatives (and a servant). The madman rambled on of his lost love who was buried with “cheese”. We set upon the course of investigating the tomb of the noblewoman in order to ascertain her fate and determine what this mysterious “cheese” might consist of.

6 awesome heroes set out for the graveyard. It all started with an elaborate, but dubious scheme of bringing the wizard into the graveyard in a coffin. Finding the graveyard closed at night, we determined to climb the wall. Deuce scouted the grave and found the place overrun with Scayven. We climbed over the wall in force and decimated the rat-things.
Then we entered the tomb and heard the fighting of its evil denizens— Scayven and Undead (I think?)

(This part was slightly abridged as real-time was getting short; the battle was dispensed with and we went straight to looting.)

Terry’s soldier stole jewels and everything not nailed down from the tomb corpses.
Deuce grabbed the big hunk of green stone (“cheese”) lodged in the skeleton of the madman’s wife.

There was a Bretonnian standoff while the Wizard ignobly argued with Deuce about who should collect the fancy green bauble. After a while, even though Deuce could see through the cowardly wizard’s lies about its danger, Deuce gave in to the party’s will (since they were all threatening to kill him) and gave up the warpstone “cheese” to the Wizard to be destroyed. (Yeah sure, like that will happen.. who watches the watchmen??)

Swan Song
The Circus Comes to Town
A one of: The witch-hunter and his entourage come to town

The witch hunter’s circus rolled into Krovas setting up shop in the marketplatz looking to persecute and burn anyone who didn’t strike them as ‘right’. Suramon had been moving from town to town for several years and had acquired quite a following. They were an imposing force and while no town enjoyed their arrival, to stand against them usually ended poorly for those who did. Perceptive and charismatic, Suramon had the ability to incite the masses into cacophonies of misguided piousness leaving behind satisifed citizens believing their community had been ‘cleansed’.

Suramon’s disciples had become so well trained, their blind devotion guided the circus stirring up such frenzy there was actually little he had to aside from staring down the masses, arms crossed, judging each with his pale blue eyes. His right hand man, the unnamed one, stood beside him stoically. Clad in all black leather including a full length coat and a hat with a wide brim covering his facial features, all save his well maintained full beard, personfied intimidation. He carried twin pistols well concealed by his coat and held a blunderbuss capable of killing a rat ogre with a single shot. As the crowd focused their gaze on the two standing on the portable dais, the disciples worked the crowd seeking subjects tainted with chaos.

Orin Hasling was perhaps the most adept at stirring the pot. Shouting eternal damnation to anyone with earshot was enough to incite a reaction in all but the most stalwart. He possessed an ability of deflecting the angst of the mob to one of their own fueling the fires of exposing the chaos tainted; purification following shortly thereafter. Denis Longtile had left the Altdorf army two years back seeking travel and a paying gig putting his talents to use – crowd control. While he was no religious zealot, he was certainly a believer but the past two years on the road had exposed him to enough leading to the conclusion the pious were no better than the tainted they sought to cleanse. Acilio Marcellino continued a penance of servitude to Suramon after his action (or inaction) was considered cowardly years back in an attack on his village. He performed his duties well but what he really loved was finding easy marks in the crowd and stealing from them.

The posse’ was less well received in Krovas than in most locations they’d visited. Minutes into their act, Orin was already despised, the mob becoming volatile quickly forcing Denis into action. Denis barked at the crowd in a duplicitous manner telling them none of this was worth it while almost in the same breath explaining if any of them made a move, it would be their last. As the fervor continued to build, Acilio had struck poorly at a mark and was now being shoved about by several members of the crowd. Cries of charlatan began to resound as pockets of the mob unified against their false cause. As Acilio tried to talk his way out of his precarious situation, Orin continued to ignite the masses. Denis parted the crowd enough to get hold of Acilio and get him out of harm’s way.

As the scene was about to boil over, Suramon finally spoke. His words pacified the crowd moderately as he explained the escalating situation is exactly what happens when chaos is present. We will be patient and allow the agents to show themselves; they can’t hide forever. Suramon requested his minions withdraw and when the people of Krovas are ready to act against the unseen threat assailing them daily, they will come together.

Fynn Rostlin, another of Suramon’s minions had returned with news and leads; places to investigate that may be concealing the forces of chaos. Suramon summoned Orin, Denis, and Acilio to go and check the places out; he expected a report in a few hours.

The first stop on the trio’s path was Jarvis’ Curiosities. The shop was a cluttered mess with all sorts of odd trinkets and talisman’s. The congestion in the place alone suggested something was being hidden. While the door was unlocked, nobody seemed to be home. Orin was intent on finding something, anything to provide a subject for his master. Denis told him he was wasting his time. Acilio came in through the back door truly confirming nobody was around. Concluding this was a dead end, the group made their way to a jail cell where a couple of guards were being punished for allegedly being involved with a chaos cult.

The prisoners explained they were simply on duty at the wrong time and had nothing to do with the situation they were convicted of being associated with. They attested to a corrupt baliff, who conveniently was unable to be found. In addition, they mentioned a dwarf, two Rieklanders, and a priest of Sigmar himself. Orin balked at the accusation; Denis retorted soldiers are men of their word adding their deaths are certain so there really is no reason to not believe their confession. Unsatisfied, Orin was remiss to move on to their final lead before reporting to Suramon. He was hopeful Fitzlov’s Fineries would contain the evidence he so sorely sought.

The shop itself was very plain, however, a little investigation yielded some materials providing a link to chaos exposure. As Orin gathered the evidence, movement from above caught their attention and they were beset upon. Four armed men already present in the store made their presence known and attacked.

Dispatching the group was easy enough though the collateral damage of the burning shop was not planned. Investigation of the bodies showed signs of Slannesh! A chaos presence indeed. Orin was thrilled at the discovery yet these men did not meet the description provided by the shackled guards. The owner of Fitzlov’s Fineries still needed to be found…

Building a bridge

The carts continued their ride into the depths of the mine as the beastmen fell further behind, eventually becoming no concern. Kurgi was growing more concerned the further we went at one point asking Harry, “Don’t you smell that?” In a frenzy, he swatted Harry’s lantern extingushing it and knocking it out of the cart. Harry screamed to the first cart to put out the lights and hit the brakes. With good fortune, Loren and Horst heard the commands over the cacophony of the carts and followed suit. Kurgi went on to explain there are combustible gases so we’d need to proceed in the dark. Harry found his lantern although it seemed unusally light as if the fuel from a lantern that never required filling had drained when it crashed to the ground.

We pressed on in the carts at a very slow pace, Kurgi frequently pointing out how useless we were in the dark. The group had opted to tie the carts together in order to prevent too much separation. Kurgi and Harry were now in the lead cart with Horst and Loren sitting int he second. We came to a fork where Kurgi sent the front cart left and unfortunately the second cart veered right bringing the crawl to a stop once again much to Kurgi’s dismay.

Horst and Loren were swarmed by bats down their path with Horst taking a significant pelting. Apparently, Sigmar can’t hear you when your in the depths. Everyone helped to heal Horst’s wounds and the group moved the second cart back to join the first again moving at a slow pace.

Inevitably, the carts had to be stopped again; this time for good reason. Kurgi pointed out the tracks were at an end. Panic began to set in for the Reiklanders; Kurgi mentioned we could back to using light. Along with some torches, Harry lit the lantern but it now gave off much less light. The tracks were indeed out and where once stood a great stone bridge was only a chasm. A rope bridge had been put in its place, however, it had been cut on this side and now only dangled from the other side.

A grappling hook and rope was retrieved from Lev’s backpack and was used to hook the rope bridge – an amazing display of coordination from Harry Canyon. The group began heaving the bridge back towards themselves in an effort to tie it off and hopefully cross safely. During the workout, Kurgi smelled blood and headed back the way we came. Indeed, we were beset upon by a horde of Skaven. Urgency setting in, Harry and Horst doubled their efforts while Loren was going to serve as a backup to the carnage Kurgi was wrecking in the tunnel.

The skaven were numerous and several made it past Kurgi. Using his spear, Loren made a great stand at preventing them from getting to the bridge haulers. Despite his efforts, a few made it past to Harry and Horst. Horst, in an effort to remove the vermin, passed out from kicking at them one too many times. Left alone, Harry got the bridge tied off in a manner he presumed safe to cross.

The little skaven dissipated at the return of Kurgi who had three much larger skaven in pursuit. Horst was revived, and was the first to cross the bridge, which held. Harry followed, with Loren right behind. Once across, Kurgi cut the rope bridge sacrificing himself for the group. “Die well”, cried Harry, and the group continued on their only path before them.

After an uneventful trek, the party began following a sound of what sounded like hammer on metal, certainly not natural, and hopefully created by what would be allies, not enemies. The closest entrance we found in pursit of the sound seemed to be the result of destruction, it appears to be a large hole in a wall meaning we were possibly entering a dwarven city, certainly the mine was behind us here. Harry crept in and indeed found a band of dwarves, one of them pounding on a large anvil which gave off a light from an unknown source. Harry bade his companions to move forward so we could introduce ourselves to what was hoped to be a friendly group.

Head to the Mine, Part 2

Demons, Beastmen, and an indoor amusement park

Picking up where we left off, Kurgi pointed out the cave troll had run off as we failed to burn the body. With the immediate threats dealt with, we returned to examining the ceremonial array of corpses as well as searching what remained of the camp for any clues as to what might have happened.

Horst scanned the perimeter of the camp yielding some fine arrows but little else. Kurgi checked out the entrance to the mine and delving in a couple hundred yards discovered some symbology of dwarven origin. What exactly it meant remained undetermined. Loren spent some time examining the bodies of the camp inhabitants. He observed they were definitely arranged in a pattern of some sort. Similar to the corpses we encountered in the wilderness by the broken cart, they were defaced, backs flayed with ribs and organs removed. Truly a gruesome site for some nefarious purpose.

Harry spent some time searching the buildings. A supply building was well equipped with finely crafted mining tools along with three opaque flasks. A search of a second building concluded this was the manager’s office. The log books were in dwarvish so Harry sent for Kurgi to see if he could translate. The main thing to note here is the dwarves had definitely found Gromril in the mine and had begun excavating. Kurgi assisted Harry in learning the oil in the flasks was highly flammable with a low flashpoint and incinerating itself quickly. It would certainly make an effective fuse. We didn’t find any explosives to go with the flasks.

Continuing to search the camp, we spotted some sacks of ore. While making plans on how to get some of the ore back to Krovas, the group detected a metallic smell in the center of camp. The group convened there all confirming the same odor but unable to identify the source. Without warning, a volley of arrows pelted the camp leaving none of us unscathed. We scattered for cover, all save Kurgi, who was pinned to the ground.

Following the volley, the air in the middle of the camp began to coalesce and crackle with energy. The air itself seemed to split apart within the electric haze. What poured from the void defied description, mouths with legs more of less which descended upon the party with great speed. Horst scored the first killing blow in oblierating fashion. As the demon burst apart, it was replaced by two smaller copies of itself.

And so went the exercise; killing one to make two. Fortunately, the demons did not further split. When they wre finished off, the portal was gone. A second volley of arrows followed, nicking us again. The decision was made to head into the mine. In addition to the missile barrage, Harry spotted beastmen moving in our direction from the main gate of the camp. During the battle with the demons, Loren had found two sacks of ore. We thought it was worth the risk to try to bring it with us.

Kurgi and Loren hauled the ore; Harry provided cover fire. Horst was already at the mine entrance and shouted out the beastmen were gaining ground. We made it to the mine entrance (though I didn’t record whether or not we made it with the ore). Kurgi and Harry set some of the explosive charges on the ground and used one of the flasks for a fuse. Inside the mine, Horst and Loren prepared mine carts to ride. As the beastmen approached the mine entrance Harry lit the fuse, which burned quickly. The ensuing blast managed to kill four of the chaos spawn; a fifth made it past the charges but was impaled upon Kurgi’s axes.

A second of wave beastmen entered the mine. Horst and Loren took the first cart, Kurgi and Harry the second. The carts were slow to build momentum and the beastmen rapidly gained ground. Harry attempted to make a molotov cocktail with one of the flasks and failed miserably, he was lucky to have not torched himself and the dwarf with an errant throw. In an effort to outdo this folly, Horst opted to jump out of the cart to give it a push. While it augmented the acceleration, he barely made it back into the cart.

The beastmen did not catch us as we sped into the depths of the mine…


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